Carry anything on your bike with ROK Commuter Straps

There are many options for carrying items on a bicycle. Cargo nets can get the job done, but often don't have the features of a good cargo strap. Bungee cords are often used, but they can be downright dangerous as they require lots of tension to be effective.

ROK Straps for bicycles

ROK Commuter Straps are best straps for carrying items on a bicycle.

We have found that the ROK Straps Commuter Straps to be the best way to carry items on a bicycle. ROK Straps don't use metal hooks to be attached to the bike or rack. ROK Straps use fabric loops that allow the strap to fit around any secure point on a bicycle or rack. Each strap connects in the middle with a buckle and is then cinched down tight over a load. The tension is released prior to removing the ROK Strap Commuter Strap from the bike or cargo. This means that there isn't any tension or metal hook to come loose and cause injury.

The fabric loops also don't scratch the bike, rack or items being carried.

ROK Straps make carrying a camp chair to the park easy on a bicycle.

There are options for carrying cargo on bicycles. I strongly believe in the adventure-tested products that we sell here on As a longtime cyclist, I love the ROK Straps Commuter Straps. They are excellent. Let me know if you have any questions about them. Do you have any specific needs that I can address? Post a comment below or send us an email. We may even make a video answering your questions.

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