About Us

Nomadic Products LLC sells unique products that are adventure-tested. We use our products while hiking the Cascade and Olympic mountains, motorcycling through backcountry discovery routes, paddling kayaks along lakes and the Puget Sound and just running errands around town. A good adventure needs excellent equipment. This store allows us to share the best equipment that we’ve found with you.

About the Adventures that teach us lessons

Sean and Monica McDermott are the owner of Nomadic Products LLC. While on a motorcycle ride, Sean was attempting to use bungee cords to secure camping gear to the bike. Stretching a bungee cord over the load required force. The hook from the bungee cord sprang loose and hit Sean in the eye. Luckily, he was wearing glasses. The hook took a substantial chip out of his lens. Without glasses he may have lost an eye that day.


The best straps for your adventure

ROK Straps are the best cargo strap for carrying light loads on bicycles

That’s when he began looking for a better way to secure cargo. Growing up on a farm, he knew how to use ropes and knots, but tying knots can be time consuming. Cargo nets can be effective, but they also have hooks. Eventually, he found ROK Straps motorcycle strap. ROK Straps are adjustable, versatile and easily fit most cargo items. Simply attach both ends of the strap to your vehicle, snap the strap together in the middle and tighten down over your load.

There is a lot of control over the tension and length of the ROK Strap products. No more metal hooks flying into an eyeball.

Nomadicproducts.com will initially sell ROK Straps and we plan to grow our product offerings in the future.

Suggestions for us?

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Sean McDermott on a motorcycle adventure near Mt Adams in Washington State.