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Launching a small business with a plan to remain small

We launched in September 2021. We are marketing the store by word of mouth, social media and in-person when possible. We are simultaneously building a retail and wholesale side of the business. It is fun showing the products to potential new retailers and watch them get excited about such a simple product. It is good to know that we are not the only people who “nerd out” and get excited by it.

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Carry anything on your bike with ROK Commuter Straps

There are many options for carrying items on a bicycle. Cargo nets can get the job done, but often don't have the features of a good cargo strap. Bungee cords are often used, but they can be downright dangerous as they require lots of tension to be effective. We have found that the ROK Straps Commuter Strap to be the best way to carry items on a bicycle. Come find out why we believe so strongly in ROK Straps.

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