2022 the year ahead for Nomadic Products

Yurt at Beverly Beach along the beautiful Oregon Coast
Yurt at Beverly Beach in Oregon. The mighty Prius ventured through a snowstorm to get us to this great spot.

Back to business in 2022

Today is our first office day of 2022. We are just returning from a jaunt down the Oregon Coast in a snow storm to stay in a yurt with malfunctioning heat. It was a great trip and we found comfort once the heater was fixed.

Returning to the office has us reflecting on the past year and thinking about the future. There are many large macro-economic, political and technological forces pushing all of us who live on Earth in new directions. New directions are opportunities and we hope to pursue the positive aspects of the coming year.

Nomadic Products was launched in August/September of 2021. We have the goal of selling high-quality products that aren’t yet well-known by outdoor enthusiasts. These are tangible and real items that solve real-world problems for those who explore the outdoors.

Merriam-Webster.com defines “tangible” as: easily seen or recognized; able to be touched or felt.

The view from Beverly Beach along the Oregon Coast extends from sand into the vast Pacific Ocean during a winter camping trip at Beverly Beach.

Being “tangible” is important as intangible worlds, such as the metaverse are being created and heavily marketed. Technology is advancing quickly. Here at Nomadic Products, we enjoy using technology to create working efficiencies, market and sell products and even plan our next adventure. We aren’t tech billionaires and don’t think that we’ll be exploring space or even the deep sea in the near future. We are left to explore the tangible world around us. In that realm, we need trust-worthy items to improve our ability to explore. Items such as ROK Straps and the Banana Guard have helped us explore the tangible world. That is why we want to share them with you. We hope to bring you even more products in 2022.

The Coronavirus pandemic keeps throwing punches and is continuing into its third year of severely altering society. This terrible virus is impacting all of us. It is pushing us in new directions. The virus is pushing people to explore the outdoors. We are happy to see so many people finding relief while being outdoors. It is our belief that people need to experience the environment to truly value it and we’re going to have many environmental shifts in the near future. On the selfish side, we are bit annoyed at the difficulty in finding campsites, the amount of “traffic” on our favorite backcountry routes and the increase in trash left by humans in our favorite areas. These are all things that we have addressed in our own travels. It is an overall positive beyond our own personal annoyances.

That is another reason why we believe in the products that we offer. They are long lasting and not one-time-use items that contribute to the trash problem. In fact, ROK Straps help reduce trash by securing loads to ensure items aren’t lost on the side of rough roads.

Geo-political forces are pushing all of us to the limits. It seems that 2022 will be another hyper political year. It is likely that all of us will need some serious stress relief. If you’re like us, that relief comes from traveling and experiencing new things that offer new perspectives. I truly wish that all who want to explore can, and all that can explore do. Find your peace.

Our plans for 2022 are shifting. We will continue to find and share new products with you. We may not be at all the events that we want to attend. Perhaps we should create some kind of mobile retail store that travels along backcountry routes to supply those who we find along the way. Hmm… While we try to crack that nut, we look forward to serving you online at www.nomadicproducts.com.

What are you excited for in 2022? Where will you explore this year? What products should we consider adding to the store? Let us know in the comments below and on our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube). Cheers to you and we look forward to crossing paths in the real world.

May 2022 bring you health and happiness.


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Looking out to the Pacific Ocean from Depoe Bay, Oregon
Looking out to the Pacific Ocean from Siletz Bay, Oregon.

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