Original Banana Guard
Original Banana Guard
Original Banana Guard

Original Banana Guard

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The Original Banana Guard protects your bananas for easy transport. This is a surprisingly well designed product that allows you to enjoy a banana while being away from home. It fits all but the absolute largest or oddly shaped bananas. Packaging suggests it fits 98% of bananas. 

Banana Guard features:

  • Hard shell protects bananas from bruising while stashed away in a bag or pocket.
  • Perforations ventilate the banana to prevent premature ripening.
  • Snap closure is easy to use.
  • BPA-free
  • Reusable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Fits most bananas

Let's be clear: you need the Banana Guard!

This is the outdoors item that you didn't know you needed. It is worth the purchase price just for the conversations that it spurs. Leave it on your desk at work and I promise people will ask about it. Pull it out during a hike and you'll get to enjoy a bruise-free banana and the conversation it spurs.

The Original Banana Guard is incredibly functional and also hilarious. Three emergency room doctors invented this contraption and then went on to invent medical patient monitoring equipment. You could say that it is doctor approved!

Long lasting

We have used the Banana Guard for countless motorcycle, hiking, bicycling and camping trips. It has been in near daily rotation carrying bananas to work for nearly a decade. Full disclosure, we have had the plastic hinge break on one Banana Guard. It is nearly indestructible, but is not Superman. Even Superman has Kryptonite.