Launching a small business with a plan to remain small

ROK Straps adjustable Motorcycle Strap

We have a long relationship with ROK Straps as happy customers. We were longtime satisfied customers prior to deciding to sell them as a business. ROK Straps always impressed us as a simple and long-lasting solution to the problem of how to securely hold items while out exploring our world. Adventures touring the backcountry around the Olympic Peninsula or through the Cascade Mountains along the Washington Backcountry Discovery Route required a way to secure our camp supplies. ROK Straps became one of the essential items to ensure a successful adventure.

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The products also proved to be incredibly useful between adventures. Eventually, I had sets of straps for each motorcycle, car, truck, bicycle and trailer filling our garage and driveway. If a strap was too short, I’d loop two together to make it longer. If I needed to carry a ladder on my truck, the straps were ready for the task. They became an essential item because of the simple design and quality construction.

Knowing the product well, we saw that there were more problems out in the world that ROK Straps could solve. That’s when we created Nomadic Products LLC. It’s a big world out there with lots of loads needing to be secured.

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We launched in September 2021. The site design is clean and has a familiar look to other e-commerce sites. We are marketing the store by word of mouth, social media and in-person when possible. We are simultaneously building a retail and wholesale side of the business. It is fun showing the products to potential new retailers and watch them get excited about such a simple product. It is good to know that we are not the only people who “nerd out” and get excited by it.

We are bootstrapping the startup of this business. The potential exists for it to provide an income. We don’t plan for it to land on any Forbes lists for fastest growing small businesses. The plan is for this to remain a small business that uses our expertise in exploring and working in the outdoors to help others do the same. Nomadic Products is a small business that we plan keep small.

Nomadic Products is a small business that we plan keep small.

We do have ideas to expand our reach. We are seeking out other very high-quality items to sell in the utility and adventure segments. The plan is to remain small, provide excellent customer service and offer high-quality products with simple designs to help people enjoy the outdoors.

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